Thursday, May 10, 2018

Spanish Conference

ICWM Spicialized Sister Training April 2018

Sister Specialized Training
April 27, 2018, Naperville Stake Center from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm         All sisters invited, 44 young missionaries, 8 Seniors, 9 Griffins = 61 Total
Theme: You were Born to be a Queen!
We are Daughters of God, We are the Noble and Great Ones!
“…having been prepared from the beginning to come forth… to labor in His vineyard for the salvation of the souls of men!” D&C 138:55-56
*Prepare a 2 ½ min talk on, “Having Christlike charity for companions, members and investigators.”
8:30     Arrive / Greet President & Sister Griffin/ Brunch - Fruit and Yogurt Parfait - Sisters Starr, Ethington, Ward and Sorensen ---- serve and prepare
8:50     Start Prelude—Sister Christensen
9:00     Start Morning Devotional in the Chapel
Preside: President Griffin
Conduct: Sister Bair
Piano: Sister Christensen    Conduct:  Hermana Morrell
Opening Song: #309, As Sisters in Zion
Opening Prayer: Hermana Corbridge
2----2 1/2 min talks on Charity; called on by President Griffin                     
  9:15   Musical Number--Sister Weber “Oh, My Father”—By Eliza R Snow
  9:20   President Griffin—Theme
  9:50   Stretch, Sing D&C 4---Hermana Morrell and Hermana Carter
  9:55   Duet- “Teach Me to Walk in the Light” Hannah and Brooklyn Proctor
10:00   Sister Griffin—The Righteous Desires of our Hearts—Our Sisters in the Scriptures.
10:20   Testimonies of how trials bring us closer to our Savior: Sisters Proctor, Griffin, Smith, Griffin, Davis,    Starr and Ethington (5 to 7 min each) There will be about 15 min for others to share testimonies.
11:25   Musical number-The Griffins, Sisters Starr and Ethington “I Walk by Faith” - by Janice Kapp Perry
11:30   Helpful Hints for Healthy Sisters --- Sister Ethington
11:45   LUNCH --Prayer—Sister Reynolds— Lunch Served by Office Staff and Senior Sisters
            Croissant Chicken, grape salad sandwich, lettuce, fruit bowl, veggies, pickles, chips, cookies, water
12:25   Musical Number—Sister Hatch--- “I am of Infinite Worth” by Janice Kapp Perry
             Everyone move their chairs and tables around the edge
12:30   6 Workshops – (move and use the rectangle lunch tables and chairs around the edge of the cultural hall) workshops will be 14 min each with 1 min change in-between (7 min./ teach /7 min roleplay) 6 groups
1.      Have Faith to speak up/Overcoming fear and social anxiety!  (2 Tim1:7 & D&C 100:4-6) Sister Starr
2.      The Power of Music in Teaching/Directing (D&C 136:28) Lindsay Griffin Davis
3.      Teaching with Power and Confidence (PMG-Chapter 10) - Joanna Griffin
4.      Using Time Wisely/Accountability (PMG--Chapter 8, Pages 150-152)   Christiann Griffin  
5.      Building Relationships by Developing Charity (PMG--Chapter 6, Page 118)   Lacy Griffin Smith   
6.      Perfectionism/Comparing (1 Kings 8:61 Moroni 10:32) Laralee Griffin Proctor
1:45     Closing Song: #219, Because I Have Been Given Much    
1:50     Break to Change for exercise and service —Use the class rooms in the back wing, by back rest room
2:00     Fun ideas to stretch and exercise---Griffin Family 15 min
2:15     Self Defense helps--- Hermana Coltrin—10 min
2:25     Self Defense helps--- Sister DeGraff—10 min
2:35     Self Defense helps—Amber Anderson—45 min 
3:20     Set up for Service
3:30     Service—Humanitarian Project -- 1 ½ hours   (Sister Trainers will help the Church Humanitarian Committee lead the projects at each area. Some will be making quilts and others cutting out burial caps and dresses for stillborn babies. This service touches and blesses families who are grieving after they have unexpectedly lost their baby before or at birth. It is a sacred and tender time for parents who are not prepared for such an event. This service will really touch our hearts.)
5:00     Closing Prayer and blessing on the food: Hermana Nelson
            Dinner -Sister Griffin & family-Penne Pasta Pesto Chicken & Broccoli, Salads, Roles Dessert, Water
5:30     Clean-up together—Take clothing exchange to the car---we can be done in 15 min.
5:45     Everyone change back to proselyting clothes —
6:00     Back to areas

Penne Pasta Recipe Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add penne pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain. Heat butter and olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Sauté chicken and garlic until chicken is almost cooked. Reduce heat and stir in salt, pepper, cream, pesto and Parmesan cheese. When slightly thickened pour over the chicken and pasta, stir in steamed broccoli and serve.  Costco Pesto works great!  Cook the amount you need to the taste you like.
We will have gluten free substitutes for pasta and bread.

Sister’s Clothing Exchange- Everyone bring the clothes you want to share and lay them out to exchange and shop throughout the day! Get any winter clothes that you might need even though you have to carry them around.  This will be our last clothing exchange until further notice. 
SMILE  Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal

Sisters Conference was one of the best conferences I have ever participated in! We started by singing "As Sisters in Zion", it really made me think, all of us had come together with a variety of different backgrounds unite together and serve the Lord, the spirit was very strong. It felt like Zion to me! These sisters are the best the Lord has to offer. It was an amazing day! -Sister Pace

Sisters Conference was one of the most fun days of my mission! Being together with all of the sisters in the whole mission was a super fun. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary in the ICWM and share this experience with such amazing sisters. -Hermana Hatch

I LOVE being a missionary and Sisters Conference just added to that love.  There is such a unique spirit when you are with Sisters who have the same purpose as you and are excited about the work just as much as you are.  Sister Griffin shared with us scripture stories about women in the Bible and The Book of Mormon who has so much faith and acted on that faith.  As I listened to these stories I reflected on how these women have the same purpose that we do.  They were inviting others to COME UNTO CHRIST.  I am so grateful to be a Sister missionary and have Sisters around me who I am united with as well as sisters in the scriptures who I am united with.  I love this work. -Sister Wynn

I felt so spiritually uplifted afterwards! I loved listening to all of the speakers and learning from their life experiences. -Hermana Beatson

I loved sisters conference because it was exactly what I needed to hear. It was a great opportunity to strengthen our testimonies together as sisters. As a whole it made me feel more confident in my abilities to teach, testify, and invite all to come unto Christ. -Hermana Allison

I loved seeing how much all of the sisters loved being together. There were a lot of hugs and a lot of hugs again, there was a sweet buzz around the room. -Sister Griffin

I loved the self-defense course we briefly toke. It made me feel more prepared if anything goes wrong, and it was just fun. I also loved hearing the conversion story and testimony of a convert named Franny. Her testimony touched and moved me to be more diligent in my missionary work and I'm sure it did for others. It just brought the Spirit into the room and peace when hearing her story and how much joy the gospel has brought into her live. It is always very humbling and brings me back to the core of missionary service when hearing someone's testimony: to invite others to come unto Christ. -Sister Petty

The best part about Sisters Conference was being in a room full of strong, spiritual, and empowered women who have the love and light of Christ radiating from them. You could feel the love that Heavenly Father has for His daughters very strongly the whole day. It is a sweet feeling to know that there are so many wonderful women who all have the same goals and values that you do. - Sister Urquijo

I absolutely loved sisters conference! When you entered the room with all these wonderful sisters, you truly felt as sisters in Zion. I felt united in the great cause of remembering who we are, and bringing others unto Christ to know of there eternal worth. So much love felt! You couldn't leave this conference not feeling your true worth as a daughter of God. I know I felt this. I loved hearing the conversion story of Franny and feeling of her sweet spirit and love for the Savior. Each sister I saw had a radiance and light of love within them. The service and self defense was a lot of fun, and I felt really bonded with my sisters! -Sister Gray

I love sisters conference! It has been a highlight of my mission both times I have been able to attend! I loved this year how we were able to experience the spirit & testimonies of the strong women in the Griffin's life. The testimonies & training's of their daughters were some of the most influential aspects for me. One thing I loved was seeing how these strong women lived their testimonies. They shared struggles they have had throughout their lives & it helped me to have a greater perspective of our trials. I also loved the powerful spirit of unity I felt between all the sisters. It was a lesson as to our Divine purpose as women in Heavenly Father's Plan. Sister Jagielski