Thursday, November 9, 2017

Departing Missionaries September 2017

Departing Missionaries September 2017
Post: Sept 6

Sisters Hall, Madsen, Greenlaw and Anderson,
Elders Beotcher, Hadlock, Ashcraft, Vasques, Julander
with President and Sister Griffin

Sisters Hall, Madsen, Greenlaw, Anderson, and Griffin


Elders Hadlock, Beotcher, Ashcraft, Vasques, Julander, 

Elders Beotcher, Hadlock, and Julander

Elders Hadlock with Assistant Glines

                                                                                                                  Elders Hadlock, Ashecraft,                                                                                                                 Vasques, and Julander

Elders Hadlock, Vasques, Julander and Sister Griffin                                                                                                                                  Elder Hadlock with                                                                                                                         President and Sister Griffin

                                    Elder Boetcher, Ashecraft, Julander,,  Hadlock,Vasques,                                           and Hermana Greenlaw

Elders Hadlock, Vasques, Boetcher, Ashecraft, Julander,
Sisters Greenlaw, Madsen and Anderson

                                                             Sister Hall And Sister Griffin.                                                                                                

Sister Hall With President and Sister Griffen

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Missionary Training August 2017

New Missionary Training August 2017
Post: Aug 15
Elders: Adair, Miner, Carraway, Champneys, Morgan, Thornock, King, Christensen

Elders: Adair and Norton

Sisters Brown and Muhlenstein and Elder Clinger
Having their cake and eating it too!

Sisters:  Brown and Muhlenstien

Elders: Busher, Arkoudas, and Aguirre

Elders: Carraway and Kloosterboer

Elders: Whipple and Champneys

We Teach, Testify, Invite people to act, Promise blessing and Follow up!
Elder: Christensen and Sisters: Brown and Muhlenstien
Sisters: Jagielski and Lyons
Lunch Time!
Elders: McDougal, Figgins, Norton, Calder
Elders: Glines, Hadlock, Kirkham, Lewis, Sabin, Calder, Clinger, Adair

Sisters: Brown, Muhlenstein, Young, Wynn
Elders: Rich, Fry, Gordon, Smith

Elders: Christensen, Miner, Carraway, Clinger
Elders: Aguirre, Arkoudas, Champneys, Whipple
Elders: Morgan, King, Thornock, Adair
Elders: Glines, Atkinson, Jepsen, Hadlock
Elders: Rodriguez, Kish, Leal, Jewell
Hermanas Linehan and Roberts, Elder and Sister Busher, and President Griffin
Hermana Clavel and Elder Leal
Sisters Stolk, Jagielski, Fitzgerald, and Clavel
Elder Harker
Sisters Clavel, Lyons, Eatough, Corbett, and Epps
Elders Hadlock and Sabin
Sisters: Reynolds, Prisbrey, Winkelman, and Beckstrom

Hermanas Clavel & Eatough

Elders Clinger and Sabin
Sisters Corbett and Stolk

Elders Glines and Atkinson

Sisters Epps and Jagielski

Sister Fitzgerald and Hermana Lyons

Elder  Fry

Elders Glines and Atkinson

Elders Gordon andAguirre

Elders Hadlock and Kirkham

Elder Aguirre

Elder Jewell

Elder Harker

Elders McDougal and Arkoudous

Hermanas Roberts and Linehan

Sisters Prisbrey, Young, Reynolds, and Wynn

Elders Rich and Kish

Hermanas Roberts & Linehan

Sisters Winkleman and Reynolds

Sisters Wynn and Prisbrey

Sisters Young and Beckstrom