Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 2017 Zone Conferences

February 2017 Zone Conferences: The "finding bug" has hit the mission!

Joliet Zone Conference

 Joilet West Zone

Burton, Dorminey, Kearl, Jordan, Kelly, Clinger, Lavemai, Wilson, Morse. Jagielski, Corbett, & Harper.

Joilet East Zone

Warren, Lewis, Shields, Wightman, Larsen, Ogden, Liao, Hibbard, Greene, Hatch, Alexander, Greenlaw, Campbell, Havey, Noguiera, & Allowitz

Hermana Alexander & Greenlaw!

Jordan & Burton

Lunch time!

"Hi, we're missionaries!"

Jordan & Burton

Corbett & Jagielski

Dorminey & Kelly

Greene & Hatch

Greene, Hatch. Matthias

Greene & Hatch

Greenlaw, Alexander, Jagielski, & Corbett

Lunch time!

We are grateful for those who feed us!

Sister Murchison always teaches us Wisdom!

We eat "Fit For the Kingdom"

Naperville Zone Conference

Naperville East Zone
Naperville West Zone

Elders Enjoying Their Lunch!

Elders Brimley & Fong

Make yourself a Healthy Meal!

"This lunch gets a THUMBS UP"

Don't Forget your Grains!

President Griffin, Elder Fong & Brimley

Lunch is Served!

Schaumburg Zone Conference

Schaumberg Spanish

Schaumberg English

Make sure we are CLEAN

Sister Jardine & Bair

"Hi, would you like to learn about Jesus Christ?"

Sisters at Lunch Time!

Rockford Zone Conference

The missionaries always get served the BEST food!

Missionary work can be FUN!

Peoria Zone Conference