Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Parties 2016

Naperville East/Schaumburg Christmas Party December 2016
 Sisters Busher & Vescovi
 Elders Squires, Burton, Royce, & John
 Elders Marchant, Hunter, Ellis, & Riggins
 Elders Kirkham, Cook, Giolitto, Richards, Hale, Vazquez, & Wells
 Elder & Sister White
 Elders taking advantage of the delicious lunch prepared for them
 Sisters Vescovi & Petty
 Elders at lunch
 Missionary portion sizes
 Elders Royce, Hirshi, Ellis, Reyes
 Elders Cook, Sonzini, John, Gentry, & Giolitto
 Elders Mateski, Arkoudas, Vazquez, Richards, Tate, & Bollschweiler
 Sisters Jardine, Bair, Smith, Petty, & Peterson
 Sister Petty
 James & President Griffin
 Elders Giolitto, Marchant, & Seve show-off the benefits of their 30 minute workouts
 Chin singing
 Talent time!
 Cleaning up!
 James & President Griffin

Peoria Christmas Party December 2016
 Peoria Sisters
Elder & Sister Anthon, Hermanas Fitzgerald & Nelson, Sisters Morales & Wallace 
 Elders Einboden, Glines, Francom, & President Griffin
 Elders Thornock, Atkinson, James Griffin, Elders Marchant, Roper, & Maughan
Elder & Sister Busher at lunch
Sister Havey
 Sisters Prisbey & Muhlestein
 Sisters Prisbey & Muhelstein
 President Griffin, Play-dough President Griffin, Sisters Muhelstein & Prisbey
Elders Maughan & Morwood

Joilet East, Joilet West, & Naperville West Christmas Party December 2016
Hermana Craner, Gowens, Diaz-Bonilla & Sister Murchison
Lunch is Served!
Brother & Sister Murchison, Sisters Diaz-Bonilla & Green
Elder Giolitto, Elder Barnes, Elder Larson, and Elder Marchant
Elders Christensen, Tedders, Moore, Stewart-Chester, Julander, and Bird
Lunch Time!
Elder Tia, Elder Limary, Elder Bingham, and Elder Champney
Elders at lunch
Elder Reynolds, Elder Gordon, Elder Western, and Elder Golling
Got Pie?
Sister Allowitz, Elder Hibbard, and Elder Moore
Sister Allowitz and Sister Griffin in matching Christmas clothes!
Elder Warren and Elder Giolitto
Sister Allowitz
Elder Giolitto and Elder Bingham
Sister Ivie and Sister Winkelman
Elder Hibbard
Elder Jordan and Elder Whipple
Elders Whipple and Jordan showing off their talents

Rockford Christmas Party December 2016

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