Wednesday, January 20, 2016


New January Missionaries and Their Trainers 

Elder Rawlings with his trainer Elder Bise and the Griffins

Elder Western with his trainer Elder Maughan and the Griffins

Elder Bird with his trainer Elder Cook and the Griffins

Elder Ruiz with his trainer Elder Ellis and the Griffins 

Elder Westenskow with his trainer Elder Urness and the Griffins

Sister Metcalf with her trainer Sister Carver and the Griffins

Sister Ivie with her trainer Sister Davis and the Griffins

Sister Havey with her trainer Sister Shephard and the Griffins

Sister Allowitz with her trainer
 Sister Smith and the Griffins


  1. I would love to see December's new missionaries. I know you had some where are there pics? :)

  2. I love that technology allows me a small window into my son's new missionary life. Thank you for posting the new missionary arrivals my son (Elder Ruiz) was among them. Thank you for your care and service.