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Specialized Zone Training (Weekly Planning as a Zone

Specialized Zone Training- March 2016
                                     “PERFECT WEEKLY PLANNING"                                                              Set up 5 zone meetings and have a weekly planning session and training TOGETHER                                                   
President and Sister Griffin and Assistants Elder Adams and Elder Cluff
Meetings will take the place of District Meetings that week.
Tue March 29, 2016 – Rockford Zones – Rockford Stake Center
Wed. March 30, 2017 - Peoria Zones – Peoria Stake Center
Thur. March 31, 2016 - Naperville Zones- Naperville Stake Center
Tue. April 5, 2016 - Schaumburg Zones – Schaumburg Stake Center
Wed. April 6, 2016 - Joliet Zones - Joliet Stake Center                                                                                                                     
9: 45 - Arrive/Greetings/Prelude music/in seats quietly preparing to start
10:00 - Start promptly
Presiding: President Griffin
Conducting:  Elders Adams and Cluff
Accompanist: _______________
Chorister: ________________
Opening Hymn: If the Savior Stood Beside Me, make copies or email words
Invocation: Elder_______________
10:10- (10 min) Focus Thought: Sister Griffin, Inviting the Savior to your Planning
10:20 – (15 min) President Griffin -
10:35 - Start Planning Session—Elders Adams and Cluff—TRAINING & ROLE PLAYS
Follow the 13 steps of Weekly Planning. Pg. 147-50 -Use timer to keep moving
12:00-  (WORKING) Lunch (serve 40)(30 min): Deliver Domino’s Pizza, 2 slices each. S.Griffin- veggie bowl, fruit bowl, water bottles, plates, napkins. S. Mower- snack bars
12:30-Start back to work—Elders Cluff and Adams
3:45 --President Griffin: Summary - “PERFECT PLANNING”  “THE TIME IS FAR SPENT” and Invitation to invite the Savior to planning.
 Closing Hymn: #266 The Time is Far Spent
 4:00-Benediction: Sister __________

Weekly Planning with the Zone
Focus is Essential in the Work of the Lord

I've been thinking about the training we received on Weekly Planning and I had a few thoughts I wanted to share. Something that was stressed at the beginning of the training was the need for us to be focused. I'll be honest, focus isn't always something I'm good at. Sister Griffin brought up a wonderful acronym that goes Focus On Christ Under Stress. And because Weekly Planning and Missionary Work in general can be stressful I thought that was the perfect thing to think about. As we center our thoughts on the Savior it is easier to do all He asks of us. It's when we let our thoughts wonder that we fall off the path. Whether that be the path of righteousness or the path to a perfectly planned week, in this work, it is the same. Focus is so essential in the work of the Lord. And I know that as we strive for this focus that God asks of us, He will bless us and help us achieve our full potential as His disciples. 
By: Sister Turner

During this training we had on weekly planning I felt that my eyes were opened to how crucial focused planning is. Something I felt was especially emphasized during this training was how our goals drive our plans. If our goals do not inspire us to do everything in our power to achieve them, then something needs to change. We need to find that "sweet spot" as President Griffin put it, in setting goals that don't overwhelm us, but also making sure that they're inspiring and pushing us to reach our vision of a thousand baptisms. When we are setting these specific inspired goals, our plans become more meaningful and we are more excited to go out for the day and reach our goals. We were promised that if we will plan this way that we will see more baptisms and when we are weekly planning, Step 2 of the 13 steps will become a regular step for us. 
By: Sister Doty

What We Learned from the Assistants When They Taught Us Weekly Planning:

  1. Follow the 13 steps in planning for success.
  2. Each sentence of the 13 steps of weekly planning is a way for us to focus on all aspects of the work and help us be successful in accomplishing our plans.
  3. Follow Preach My Gospel as you plan for success.
  4. G.P.S. is key to successful planning.
  5. Planning is vital in finding new investigators.
  6. Members are the key to finding.
  7. Work with the Ward Mission Leader to accomplish your plans.
  8. Seek the guidance from the spirit as you plan and work your plan.
  9. Steps 7-10 are all about finding new investigators.
  10. You can spend time doing other things other than just tracting and still be effective.
  11. Trust the inspiration that you prayed for at the beginning of planning.
  12. Specific goals drive specific plans to meet specific needs.
  13. Refer to page 167 of PMG to think of new ideas for finding new investigators.
  14. It is important to plan your plan.
  15. Inspiration comes through discussion.
  16. Planning can be fun!
  17. Don't be scared to try new things.
  18. Don't get so caught up on which goal to set after which sentence you read in PMG.
  19. Let your goals inspire you.
  20. The Assistants did a great job of modeling G.P.S. planning for us. 
President Griffin training at Schaumburg Stake Center

Elders Cluff and Adams enjoying their Little Ceasar's lunch break

Hermanas Neff and Diaz 

Hermanas Osborne and Walton
Joliet Zones at the Joliet Stake Center
Elders Bise and Rawlings discussing their planning

Elders Earl, Nielson, Butterfield, and Wiser 
Sisters Jessop, Sorensen, Hopkins, and Rungaitis at the Joliet Stake Center
Elders Hastings and Limray 

Sisters Ensign and Wallace
Elders Hendrickson, Clark, Larson, Carter, Scherer, Aagard, and President Griffin
President Griffin training at the Peoria Stake Center

Missionaries participating in the training

Sisters Murphy and Doty with Pres. Griffin
The Assistants training at the Rockford Stake Center

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