Friday, July 8, 2016

More Pictures from the Sisters' Conference Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 2015:

Exercise in the morning: Aerobics & Yoga 

At the Wheaton Center: Shopping, Caroling, & A Christmas Tree (all in the rain)  

Hermanas Gardner & Nelson

Hermanas Richardson & Webb

Hermanas Akina & Albrechtson

Hermanas Buehner & Jarosz

Hermanas DeBuck & Henrickson  

Hermana Diaz, Sister Murchison, Hermana Weaver  

Sisters Carlson & Taggart

Hermanas Neff & LeBonte

Hermanas Sa'ili & Jacobsen

Hermanas Taylor & Dahle

Hermanas Weaver & Diaz

President & Sister Griffin

Sisters Gallup & Carver

Sister Hopkins

Hermanas Gardner & Nelson, & Sisters Turner & James

Sisters Shepherd & Jarvis

Sisters Mead & Sullivan

Sisters Plate & Woolley

Sister Rungatis

Sisters Dimond, Ashby, & Smith

Sisters Ensign & Doty

Sisters Khou & Belding

Sisters Turner, James, Eckhardt, & Wallace

Having Dinner: Yummy Chinese Food

At the mission home: grits for breakfast, organized chaos, and so much fun! 

At the Chicago Temple: The Best Way to End the Conference

Elder Mower

Hermanas Capps & Richardson

Hermanas Capps, Richardson, Webb, & Gardner

Hermanas Nelson & Capps

Sisters Dimond, Smith, Khou, Ashby, & Belding 

Hermanas Richardson & Webb

Hermanas Albretchsen & Akina

Hermanas Capps, LeBonte, DeBuck, Henrickson, Lunt, Hunsaker

Hermanas Diaz & Weaver

Hermanas Francom & Akina

Hermanas Francom & Osborne

Hermanas Jarosz & Buehner

Hermanas Nelson & Gardner  

Hermanas Taylor & Dahle  

Sisters Belding & Khou

Hermanas LeBonte & Neff, and Sisters Turner & James
Sisters Eckhardt & Wallace

Sisters Shepherd & Jarvis

Sisters Ashby & Smith

Sisters Carlson, Dimond, Diaz, & Nogueira

Sisters Dimond, Albrechtson, & Diaz  

Sisters Ensign & Doty

Sisters Sullivan & Mead

Sisters Taggart & Carlson

Sisters Turner & James

Sisters Woolley & Porter

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