Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Missionaries December 2016
 Coming down the escalator
 Meeting President for the first time
 So relieved to be here
 President Griffin & Elder Clegg
 President Griffin & Elder Dorminey
President Griffin & Hermana Morrel
 President Griffin & Hermana Ward
 New missionaries!
 Getting the luggage loaded
 President & Sister Griffin & Elder Wright & Hermana Lewis
 President & Sister Griffin & Elder Wright
President & Sister Griffin & Hermana Lewis
 Hermanas Ward & Morrel
 Elders Dorminey & Clinger
President Griffin & Elder Clinger

New Missionaries!

Elder Clements teaching Family History

Hermana Craner & Gowens

Hermanas teaching one another the Restoration!

Sister Doty & Smith

Sisters giving Training!

The Restoration in 5 Minutes

Training on TTIPF

Our Happy Happy Hermanas!


The Assistants!

Being a New Missionary is SO FUN!

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