Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 2017 Zone Conferences

January 2017 Zone Conferences:
Back to the Basics, Decluttering & the Atonement, Being a Preach My Gospel Mission, Developing a Christlike Culture.

Joliet Zone Conference

Joliet West Zone

Joliet East Zone

Sisters Vescovi, Diaz-Bonilla, Nogueira, Havey, and Winkelman

Sisters Allowitz, Jaglielski, HermanasWixom, and Alexander

Singing the lunch song!

Elders Casto, Hibbard, Harper, and Bingham

Elders Champneys, Clinger, Liao, and Larson

Elders Warren, Jordan, Golling, Eggli, Shields, and Vickers-Jacklin

Sister Murchison training on how to have good health!

Elders Golling and Jordan giving a training

Elders Casto and Hibbard giving a training

That 7M Workout is really paying off!

Peoria Zone Conference

Peoria West Zone

Peoria East Zone

 Elders Roper, Lavemai, Moorewood, and Sister Matthias

 Hermana Fitzgerald, Hermana Nelson, Sisters Prisbrey, Belding, Ivie, Waters, Young, and Turner

 Elders Atkinson, Ruiz, Clausse, Thornock, Glines, and Einboden

 Elders Wiser, Rawlings, Hadlock, Marchant, Stewart-Chester, and Kelly

 Sisters Muhlestein, Madsen, Campbell, Knight, Elder Knight, Sisters Brown, Wallace, and Morales

Singing the lunch song!

 Elders Ruiz, Thornock, and Clausse

Elders Francom, Lavemai, Murchison, and Moorewood

 Sister Murchison giving a training on how to have good health!

Elders Ogden and Hadlock giving a training

Naperville Zone Conferences

Naperville West Zone

Naperville East Zone
 Hermanas Roberts and Traasdahl

 Hermanas Craner, Gowens, Eldredge, Sorensen, Traasdahl, and Roberts

 Elders Tate, Seve, Reynolds, Whipple, and Marchant

 Elders Marchant, Stewart-Chester, Crockett, Julander, John, and Reynolds

 President Griffin surprising Elder Squires!

 Elders Moore and Burton

 Elders King, Boettcher, Jepson, and Bird

 Elders Burton and Moore giving a training

Elders Tedders and Brimley giving a training

Hermanas Craner and Gowens giving a training

Schaumburg Zone Conferences

Schaumburg Spanish Zone

Schaumburg English Zone

 Elders Riggins, Marchant, Ellis, and Hirschi

 Elders Richards, Clegg, Western, and Reyes

 Hermanas Ward, Greenlaw, Sisters Peterson, Bair, Smith, Doty, Hermanas Krebs,and Hokanson

Sisters Parrish, Hall, Jardine, Petty, Hermana Morrell, Albrechtsen, Cleveland, and Eatough

 Elders Lewis, Western, Richards, Clegg, Reyes, Cook, and Riggins

 Singing the lunch song!

 Hermana Greenlaw and Elder Reyes doing a practice

 Elder Kirkham and Elder Cook

 Sister Smith and Sister Doty giving a training

President Griffin showing off his flashy tie!

Rockford Zone Conference

 Rockford North Zone

Rockford South Zone

 Elders Bagley, Harris, Wright, Morse, Fong, Graham, Nelson, and Barnes with some returned missionary guests!

 Sisters Andersen, Carlson, Willes, Doty, Smith, Anderson, and Fugal

 Sisters Dimond, Allred, Corbett, Hermanas Linehan, and Lewis

 Elders Hunter, Marchant, Kearl, Stewart-Chester, Adams, Hinckley, and Wells

 Elder Porter, Perry, Sisters Perry, Murchison, Elders Murchison, Wright, and Fong

Elders Wells, Barnes, Hunter, and Marchant

 Elders Bagley and Graham

 Elders Vazquez, Hilton, Lloyd, Faimalo, Taylor, and Sister Taylor

 Sister Smith and Sister Doty giving a training

The Rockford missionaries doing practices

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