Thursday, April 20, 2017

March/April 2017 Zone Conferences: Come closer to Christ!

March/April 2017 Zone Conference: Come closer to Christ!

Naperville Zone Conference

Naperville East Zone

Naperville West Zone

Elder Bingham and Elder Moore
Bingham and Moore
Bingham and Moore
Bingham and Moore
Boettcher, Adair, Riggins, Stewart-Chester, Bingham, Reynolds, Squires
Ellis & Fong
Ellis & Fong in Naperville West breakout!

President gave a lesson in a good shoe shine!

Graham, Gordon, Ellis, & Fong
The elders of Naperville East Zone!
King, Crockett, Westenskow, Bolton, Hinckley, Liao, & Champneys!

We are always so thankful for our lunch crew!

Moore and Lavemai
Elder and Sister Murchison, Wixom, Allison, Hokanson, & Craner
Stewart-Chester and Riggins
Wixom, Allison, Hokanson & Craner

Schaumburg Zone Conference 

Schaumburg English Zone

Schaumburg Spanish Zone

Tedders, Stewart-Chester, Riggins, Hunter & Jeppson
Spanish zone breakout! 
Petty, Doty, Vescovi & Wilson

Look who's matching! 

Rawlings, Porter, Julander, & Fia
Matthias, Parrish, Atkinson, Jordan, Hall, & Murchison
Julander, Gowens, Gubler , & Sorensen
Elder Jordon, ready for his close up!
Hale, Jeppson, Tedders, & Richards
A little practice!
Give them a good shine! 

Open wide!

Fry, Rawlings, Stewart-Chester, & Thornock
Gowens & Sorensen
Gowens & Sorensen
Gowens & Sorensen 
Fry & Rawlings
Eatough, Fitzgerald, Bair & Willes
Sister Doty is really excited about a healthy salad!
Hermana Cleveland!
Cleveland & Morrell
Happy Birthday! 
Porter, Gubler, Hale, Jeppson, Clegg, & Clausse
Happy Birthday to you awesome missionaries!

Rockford Zone Conferences

Rockford North Zone

Rockford South Zone

Francom, Lloyd, Nelson
Geisel, Roper, Lloyd, Vasquez, Adams, Ashcraft, Hilton
Glines, Cook, Terry, Elder and Sister Perry
Leal, Bollschweiler, Nelson, 
Elder Parry shining some shoes!
Roberts, Lewis, Sorensen, Anderson
Roberts, Sorensen, Anderson, Lewis, Muhlestein

Roberts, Lewis, Wallace, Muhlestein, Andersen
Terry, Adams, Nelson, McCormick, Bollschweiler, & Leal
Wallace, Muhlestein, Andersen, Winkelman
Wells, Western, Francom, & Glines
Western & Wells
Wright, Arkoudas, Giesel & Roper

Peoria Zone Conference

Griffins, Ivie, Jardine, Ward, Brown, Berryhill, Hibbard, Golling, Hadlock, Eggli, Kish, Young, Morwood, Eddenfield, & Ruiz

Peoria East Zone

Prisbrey, Young, Fugal, Morales, Madsen, Ward, Linehan, Jepson, Hanks, Urness, Wiser, Harris, Bagley, Cook, Barnes, Richardson, & Kirkham

Peoria West Zone

Elder Barnes
Brown, Berryhill, & Young
Griffin, Young, Prisbrey, Jardine, Ward, Ivie & Brown
Hadlock, Barnes, Golling
Peoria East Zone Breakout! 
Harris, Bagley, Hibbard, & Hanks
Harris & Jepson
Ward, Ruiz, Hibbard
Ivie & Jardine
Madsen, Morales & Fugal
Matthias, Fugal, Madsen, Morales, Brown, Prisbrey, Young & Murchison
Morales & Bagley
Prisbrey, Linehan & Fugal
Ruiz, Stewart-Chester, Eggli & Berryhill

Joliet Zone Conference

Greene, Hatch, Campbell, Havey, Peterson, Allowitz, Alexander, Greenlaw, Whipple, Maughan, Seve, Lewis, Shields, Wightman, Christensen,  Ogden

Joliet East Zone

Corbett, Jagielski, Christensen, Wilson, Harper, Larsen, Morse, Einboden, Royce, Burton, Kelly, Dorminey, Seve

Joliet West Zone

Alexander & Greenlaw
Alexander, Greenlaw &  Murchison
Alexander, Greene, Greenlaw, Maughan & Riggins
Allowitz & Alexander
Allowitz, Jagielski, Corbett & Hatch
Campbell, Havey, Peterson & Allowitz
Campbell & Havey
Hatch & Greene
Joliet Zone West zone breakout
Maughan & Whipple
Morse & Einboden
Ogden & Christensen
Christensen & Ogden
Allowitz & Peterson
Allowitz & Peterson
Royce, Maughan, Whipple, Riggins, Shields, & Wightman
Shields & Wightman
Wilson, Burton, Christensen, Stewart-Chester & Ogden

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