Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mission Leadership Council May 2017

Mission Leadership Council May 2017 

 All together and ready to learn!

 Elders Hale, Jordan, Atkinson, Harris, Bingham, Cook, Maughan, Glines, Hadlock, & Whipple

 Elders Hadlock, Whipple, Squires, Julander, Fong, Hale, Jordan, & Atkinson

 Elders Hinckley, Royce, Burton, Richards, Tedders, Western, & Goling

 Elders Western, Goling, Urness, Bollschweiler, Hinckley, & Royce

 Sisters Peterson, Brown, Muhlestein, Allowitz, Ivie, Jardine, & Hokanson

Hermanas Hokanson, Wixom, Sorensen, Roberts, Sisters Peterson & Brown 

 President Griffin, Elders Ellis & Riggins

President & Sister Griffin

Elders Ellis, Riggins, & Maughan

 Sisters Muhlestein & Allowitz

TREAT: How we can use the scriptures more effectively! 

Elders Hadlock & Bingham

Sisters Muhlestein & Allowitz 

 Sisters Jardine & Ivie

 Sisters Brown & Peterson

Hermanas Wixom & Hokanson 

Hermanas Roberts & Sorensen

Elders Maughan, Riggins, & President Griffin

 Elders Tedders & Richards

Elders Hinckley & Royce

 Elders Ellis & Urness
 Elder Bollschweiler

 Elders Harris & Julander

Elders Squires & Atkinson

 Thanking Hermana Gowens & Sister Griffin for lunch!

 Ready to counsel together/

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