Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sisters Conference 2017

Sisters Conference 2017

We are here to lift others!

Getting all ready!

Hermanas Coltrin, Eatough, Sisters Peterson, Brown, Ward, Morales, & Prisbrey

Hermanas Sorensen & Roberts

Sisters Ivie, Hokanson, Corbett, Fitzgerald, Allowitz, Fugal, & Anderson

Learning how to become better teachers using PMG.

How can we better interact with members?

Family History opens the hearts of those we teach/

Sisters Ivie & Jardine, & President Griffin

Sisters Jardine and Ivie

Sister Allowitz helps us get awake with a game of "head, shoulders, knees, & toes"

Hermanas Allison, Krebs, Greenlaw, & Fitzgerald

Sisters Brown, Ward, Morales, & Fitzgerald

Hermanas Cleveland & Morrell, Sisters Bair, Vescovi, Ivie, Madsen, & Fugal

 Sisters Corbett, Gray, Madsen, & Fugal

Hermanas Eatough, Coltrin, Hokanson, & Wixom

Hermanas Eatough & Coltrin, Sisters Sorensen & Anderson

Sisters Greene, Hall, Hatch, Parish, Murchison, & Ilene

Amber Anderson & Sisters Gray, Corbett, Jagielski, & Willes

President Griffin, Sisters Young, Prisbrey, & Hatch

President & Sister Griffin

Sisters Havey & Campbell & Hermanas Hokanson & Wixom

Sisters Havey, Young, & Prisbrey

Hermana Krebs & Sister Winkelman

Hermanas Lewis & Alexander, Sisters Muhlestein & Allowitz

Hermanas Lewis, Roberts, Sorensen, Fitzgerald, Greenlaw, & Alexander
Sisters Young, Prisbrey, Petty, & Jardine

  Sisters Muhlestein, Morales, & Hermana Cleveland

Sister Peterson, Hermanas Roberts & Sorensen

Sisters Busher, Madsen, Fugal, & Wilson

Sister Winkelman & Peterson, & Hermana Morrell

Sisters Winkelman, Andersen, & Wilson, & Hermana Linehan

Hermanas Ward, Beatson, Eldredge, Sorensen, & Roberts

Hermanas Wixom, Alexander, & Greenlaw

Sisters Hall & Hatch

Sisters Parish, Busher, & Matthias
Sisters Allowitz & Muhlestein

Sisters Wixom, Hokanson, Jardine, Sorensen, Coltrin, Roberts, Greene, Eatough, & Ivie

Hermanas Sorensen & Roberts

Hermanas Sorensen, Roberts, Coltrin, Eatough, Ward, Linehan, Anderson, & Sorensen

Sisters Jagielski & Allowitz

Sisters Greene & Hatch

Sisters Parish, Greene, & Parry

Not even President can hold her!

Sister Havey & Amber Anderson

Getting our stretch on!

Hermanas Beatson & Eldredge

Sisters Prisbrey & Young

Ilene & Sister Griffin

Hermanas Fitzgerald & Greenlaw

Sisters Madsen & Fugal

Sisters Corbett, Willes, Jagielski, Gray

Hermana Linehan & Amber

Sisters Allowitz & Muhlestein

Sisters Anderson & Sorensen

Sister Andersen & Wilson

Sisters Petty & Winkelman

Hermanas Morrell & Cleveland

Sisters Hatch & Hall

Sisters Muhlestein & Alexander

Getting our stretch on.

Hermanas Wixom & Hokanson

Hermanas Alexander & Lewis

Sisters Bair & Vescovi

Sisters Prisbrey & Young

Hermanas Sorensen & Roberts

Hermanas Sorensen, Roberts, Coltrin, & Eatough

Sisters Ward & Morales

Sisters Jardine & Ivie

Sisters Petty & Winkelman

Amber Anderson

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