Thursday, June 30, 2016

January 2016 SPECIAL TRAINING with Brother Gonzales and Brother Jacman

The end of January 2016, Brother Gonzalez and Brother Jacman from the Missionary Department in SLC came to our mission to do some training on becoming better missionaries through planning and bettering our teaching skills. They spent time with the President and I teaching us how important the planning step is.  We then held a MLC to teach our leaders about planning so that they could go out to teach all of their missionaries. This started a major campaign in helping our missionaries plan more effectively.

President Griffin, Brother Gonzalez, Brother Jacman, Elder Mower 


Elder Harvey, Sister Mower

Elder Tolman, Elder Cluff, Elder Neve, Elder Scrogham, Elder Jackson, Sister Tolman

Elder Wager, Elder Limary, Elder Campbell, Elder Earl, Elder Giolitto 

Receiving training from Brother Gonzales

Elder Trappett, Elder Clark, Elder Hastings, Elder Hill, Elder Brimley, Elder McDonald,
Elder Weigel, Elder Pierre, Elder Fillmore, Elder Reyes, Elder Webster

Sister Woolley, Sister Halliday, Sister Taggart, Sister Gallup

Elder Peery, Elder Casto, Elder Nelson, Elder Carter, Elder Hirschi

Elder Casto, Elder Maynard, Elder Frehner,
Elder Bennett, Elder Nelson

Elder Gibbs, Elder Webster, Elder Anderson, Elder Wagner, Elder Earl, Elder Campbell,
Elder Nielson, Elder Giolitto

Elder Chidester, Elder Freitas, Elder Harvey, Elder Williford, Elder Henrickson

Sister Taggart, Sister Gallup, Hermana Jarosz, Hermana Dahle

Hermana Capps, Hermana Neff, Sister Woolley, Sister Halliday

Elder Aagard, Elder Hilton, Elder Brimley, Elder Clark, Elder Frehner

Elder Casto, Elder Nelson, Elder Hughs


                                Brother Gonzales, Brother Jacman,  and President Griffin

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