Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Transfer Day May 31, 2016 in Naperville 
A big thanks to all the volunteers who help make transfers go as smoothly as possible. We're so grateful for all your help.

Elder Anderson 

Elders Earl, Jacob, Tia, Morales, Hill & Sorensen

Elders Fiamalo & Webster

Elders Hastinngs & Harvey

Elders Haun & Bollschweiler

Elders Hughes & Marchant

Elders Kearl, Koolsterboer & Frarck

Elders Marchant, Cluff, Anderson & Hughes,

Elder Maughan

Elders McDonald & Hastings

Elder Mower (coordinating the work) 

Elders Ruiz, Fong Baeza, Giolitto, Stewart-Chester & Tedders 

Elders Ruiz, Fong Baeza, Giolitto, Stewart-Chester & Tedders

Elders Ruiz, Fong Baeza & Giolitto

Elders Tedders, Stewart-Chester, Giolitto, Ruiz & Fong Baeza, Hermanas Nelson & Jarosz

Elders Terry, Harris, Tia, Fia, Marchant & Wells

Elders Wells, McCloskey, Tia, Sorensen, Marchant, Peirre, Fia, Harris & Terry

Elders Western & Mclowski

Elders Whipple & Kearl

Elder Fiamalo

Elders Webster & Squires

Elders Wells,Tedders, Hurschi, Hughs & Marchandt & President Griffin 

President Griffin 

Sisters Anderson & Doty

Sisters Anderson & Ensign

Sisters Burton & Waters

Sister Doty

Sisters Ensign, Smith, Madson & Anderson

Sisters Halliday, Albrechsen, Burth & Davis

Sisters Nelson, Madson & Smith 

Sisters Nelson, Madson & Smith 

Sisters Waters, Havey, Burton & Doty

Sisters Waters & James 

Sisters Madson & Ensign

Sisters Havey, Burton & Shephard


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