Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Arriving Missionaries March 2017

Arriving Missionaries March 2017

We are so excited to welcome in these great new missionaries!

Allison, Noguiera, Sorensen, Wilson, & Allowitz

Allison, Riggins, & Stewart-Chester

Hermana Allison & Hermana Wixom

Yay! Hermana Allison is heading to Aurora!

Sister Anderson & Sister Sorensen, President & Sister Griffin

Anderson, Wixom, & Doty

Elders Christensen & Geisel

Christensen, Gubler, Stewart-Chester, Fry, Riggins, Leal & Cook

Meeting their trainers!

Elder Christensen & Elder Ogden

Elder Christensen & Wilson

Cook is excited to be in Illinois! 

Riggins, Kish, Christensen, & Cook

Elder Cook & President Griffin

First timer at Portillos!

Elder Cook & Elder Kirkham

 Welcome to Illinois!

Hermana Craner & Allison 

Sister Griffin & Elder Fry

Practice, practice, practice!

A happy reunion!

Christensen, Fry, & Cook!

Anxiously awaiting to meet their trainers!

Elder Geisel & President Griffin

Elders Geisel, Pace, & Christensen

Elder Geisel & Elder Roper

Hermana  Allison & President & Sister Griffin

Elder Christensen & President Griffin

Elder Christensen & President Griffin

Elder Fry & President Griffin

Elder Gubler, Hermana Allison, President & Sister Griffin

Elder Gubler & President & Sister Griffin

Elder Leal & President Griffin

E. Gubler & H. Allison

Elder Kish & President Griffin

Gubler, Stewart-Chester, Christensen, Leal, Cook & Matthias

Elders Hibbard & Kish, President & Sister Griffin

So exciting!

Hibbard & Roper

Elder Kirkham!

Elders Kish, Casto, & Christensen

Elder Kish & Hibbard

First dinner with President!

Geisel & Leal

Elders Leal & Kish

Elders Leal & Stewart-Chester

Elders Vazquez & Leal, President & Sister Griffin

Elders Leal & Vazquez

A training from the Assistants!

Welcome to the mission!

Elders Christensen & Ogden

Elders Ogden & Christensen, President & Sister Griffin

Talking about their areas!

Elder Porter & Elder Gubler

Elders Porter & Gubler, President & Sister Griffin

Elder Gubler heading to Arlington Heights with Elder Porter!

Porter & Vazquez

Elders Roper & Geisel, President & Sister Griffin

Elder Roper 

Getting to know their trainers!

Sister Sorensen & Sister Anderson

Sister Sorensen & President Griffin

Elders Wilson & Christensen, President & Sister Griffin

Wilson, Doty, Anderson & Sorensen

Sister Wilson & Sister Doty

Sister Wilson & President Griffin

Sisters Wilson & Sorensen

Hermanas Wixom & Allison, President & Sister Griffin


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures! Love it :)

  2. I keep waiting to see updated pictures but it has not been updated for 2 months