Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Departing Missionaries March 2017

Departing Missionaries March 2017

We love our Stripling Warriors!

Sisters Diamond, Diaz-Bonilla, Albrechtsen, Noguiera, Carlson, Nelson, Waters, Elders Kearl & Brimley

Hermana Albrechtsen & Sister Diaz-Bonilla

Hermana Albrechtsen & President & Sister Griffin

Hermana Albrechtsen with Pres. & Sis. Griffin!

Hermana Albrechtsen & Hermana Nelson

Elder Brimley & President & Sister Griffin

Elder Brimley & The Griffins!

Elders Brimley, Kearl, Stewart-Chester, & Riggins

                                 Elders Brimley, Stewart-Chester, President Griffin, Riggins, Kearl

Sister Carlson & President & Sister Griffin

Sister Carlson & Pres. and Sis. Griffin!

Sisters Carlson, Noguiera, Dimond, Waters, & Diaz-Bonilla

    Elders Stewart-Chester. Riggins, Kearl, Brimley, & Sisters Diaz-Bonilla, Albrechtsen, Carlson, Nelson, Noguiera,  Waters & Dimond

                  Sisters Diaz- Bonilla, Albrechtsen, Nelson, Waters, Carlson, Diamond, Noguiera

Sister Diaz-Bonilla & President & Sister Griffin

Sister Diaz-Bonilla with Pres. & Sis. Griffin!

Sister Dimond & President & Sister Griffin

Sister Dimond & President & Sister Griffin

Sister Waters & President & Sister Griffin

Elder Kearl & President & Sister Griffin

Elder Kearl with Pres. & Sis. Griffin! 

    Looking good!  

Last time at Portillo's!

     Elders Kearl, Riggins, Brimley, Stewart-Chester

Hermana Nelson with her family

Hermana Nelson and her sister

Sisters Nelson, Carlson, Diamond

Hermana Nelson & President & Sister Griffin

Hermana Nelson with Pres. & Sis. Griffin!

     Sisters    Nelson, Diaz-Bonilla, Noguiera, Carlson, Waters

   Sisters Nelson, Waters, Dimond, Noguiera, Diaz-Bonilla, Albrechtsen, Elders Kearl, Riggins, & Stewart-Chester

     Hermana Nelson and her mom!         


           Sisters Diaz-Bonilla and Noguiera
Sister Noguiera & President & Sister Griffin

Sister Noguiera with Pres. & Sis. Griffin!

Elders Stewart-Chester, President, Brimley, Sisters Carlson, Nelson

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